Our Sunday church service has a format that seeks to develop the worship/seeker of God in intimate worship of Jesus Christ and to build faith through a free-flow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, powerful biblical preaching and “connecting” with one another around a good quality cuppa and food.

Our four predominant values as a church are:-

  • Making Disciples – this was the mandate Jesus gave to His followers Matt 28-18,19
  • Presence – encountering the power and intimacy of the Holy Spirit
  • Family – not only do we place great value on the family unit with all of its own relationships, but we believe that any local church congregation must be formed into a family of believers
  • Mission/Outreach – the two greats of the New Testament are the Great Commandment (to love one another) and the Great Commission to go into all of the world and make disciples. The “going” is both local, in Dayboro and surrounds, and international – to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Our Sunday service is lively but not uncomfortably noisy, full but not too long, contemporary. We meet at 9:00am.