Dayboro residents, Pastor Gary and Judy Levens will lead the new family/community church following the move from their former pastorate in North Brisbane after 16 years service.  Gary and Judy have 40 years ministry experience in Auckland, Chile and Brisbane, having raised up strong, growing, family churches and developed Children’s Homes in India, Uganda and Bolivia.

Dayboro Church has a vibrant Children’s Church and soon after starting, a youth department will commence on Friday evenings.

 Pastor Gary says, “Dayboro Church will be for all Dayboro residents regardless of their church background or lack thereof.  We want to be a family of people who do good in  Dayboro and we plan to be active in what is already a great community.  We see ourselves strengthening families, providing assistance and hope to those struggling in life issues, as well as bringing spiritual life and health to those who are seeking God.”